NuGen Coin Plan

You have the opportunity to purchase NuGen coins (symbol NUGEN) at the present price of 0.8829812. The price is projected to increase dramatically in the near future. Consider what happened with Bitcoin. Now it is your turn.

When you purchase a NuGen Coin "Smart Contract" you receive coins as follows: the total dollar amount of your purchase divided by the present price of the NUGEN coin. You may purchase any dollar amount of coins that you choose starting with as little as $50.

Your coins will be staked with NuGen for a period of 18 months or until they are transferred to an exchange. The coin is expected to be transferred to an exchange in the near future, so the staking period will terminate at that time. When your coins are listed on an exchange you, of course, can hold them or buy and sell as per the vesting schedule in the White Paper.


While your coins are staked with NuGen you receive additional coins 4 times per day at the rate of .35% making the overall return per day .357%. At that compounding rate the number of coins in your account will double in 202 days.


You are not required to refer anyone to this opportunity. However, if you care to do so and they make a purchase, you will receive a cash commission of 10% of their purchase and any additional purchase that they make. For example, if they make a $1,000 purchase, you receive a $100 commission. You may withdraw your commissions or use them to make additional NUGEN purchases.

NUGEN was originally offered at .09677865 per coin. After a few short months, the price is now 0.8829812.

The future is yours!