NuGen Coin

The NuGen Coin is the new Standard of Banking and Commerce.


About Us

The NuGen Community’s commitment is to change the world we live in for the better by changing the preferred currency for everyday transactions.

Consistent and persistent change is a platform for CLEAN commerce, community action and the commitment to combat climate change by simply changing your preferred currency for everyday transactions. We are pleased to announce the first and only cryptocurrency created entirely with and backed by clean energy.

Creating an on-demand clean energy supply for commercial and residential buildings is critical to reach the global goals for a zero carbon or neutral carbon footprint. Our technology solves this problem.


NexGen Coin is contracted with a company that specializes in creating Cryptocurrencies and setting up Crypto Currency Exchanges. NEXGEN COIN Offers our members the chance to join other lenders in helping to develop NexGen Coin and Cryptocurrency Trading Platform and stake in return. No promises but your loan could provide life changing stakes. Now that would be historic and fun.

Cryptocurrency Funding

Shopfreemart and Lenders

NexGen Coin Launch

NexGen Cryptocurrency will open for 20% off soley for the Lenders

Cryptocurrency Development

Centralized Crypto Exchange Development and ERC20 Token Development

Mobile Application Development

Mobile implementation for Android and iOS users